Wednesday night classes

This Wednesday the 13th of November will be the last Wednesday night class before Christmas. I really wanted to continue this class but do not have enough students to pay for Natalie and the studio.

Im really sorry to all the students who are still attending the class and to Natalie as I know what a good teacher she is and how much you all like her.

I would like to start the class up again in the New Year beginning the 8th of January.  I would have to get everyone to commit to an 8 week class pass and  I will run the class  if 8 of you can commit. Unfortunately any less and I will not cover my costs. I do need to have an email back from everyone who wants to do this ASAP.

Christmas Meal Money

Hi All

If you have put your name down for the Christmas meal and haven’t paid me yet can you  bring £25 cash in an envelope with your name on it by the latest next week please. I shall be dropping off the money at Castle Farm on  on Friday the 22nd of November.

Xmas Meal at Castle Farm

Those of you who are coming to the christmas meal can now bring in £25 cash in an envelope with your name on it please. This is for 3 courses, and you only have to pay for your own drinks on top. You can still come if you haven’t booked already.

Xmas Yoga Mysore Course

I have decided to run the Christmas course  this year at 10am instead of early morning.  I do need to get  confirmation from 8 of you for me to run these classes.

Friday 27th December 10am – 12pm  until Tuesday the 31st of December  £50

Individual classes £15

I will be able to confirm these classes once I have the required numbers so please let me know ASAP. Maximum of 12

A great way to compensate for the excess indulgences over Christmas



Xmas Meal at Castle Farm 29th of November

This year our Christmas meal will be again held at

Castle Farm, Midford   on the 29th  November  7pm

Please give me your name so I  can put you on the list and once we get to November I collect the money.

The food is amazing there if you haven’t been already been

Wednesday Morning class no longer running

After careful consideration I have decided to stop running the Wednesday morning class henceforth including this coming Wednesday.  I am sorry for those of you who were attending this class and may feel disappointed. The Wednesday evening class will continue as usual as will all the other classes.