Friday Class in March

The Friday class will not run in March until I return from my travels. The first  class will be Friday the 20th of March.

Having a very special practice in Morjim Goa with Sharmila Desai

I thought I would give you a little update on my first month in Goa India. Every day has been an absolute joy to practice in the Shala with Sharmila Desai. This is a very spiritual place and it really is the place to deepen your practice mentally as well as physically.

I have found joy in my practice every single day but this is something I think you learn when you don’t have everyday pressures you have at home. This is not a workshop but some how its much much deeper. Sharmila has an amazing presence and knows exactly what every one of around 100 students are doing at any one time.  We don’t all practice together but start at different times. There are at least 50 in the Shala though and she does not have assistants. The special thing is each and every day you get what you need and learn not to expect adjustments but some how you still get them. I feel so luck to have come here and have already book my return for next year.

This is now my last week, I feel so peaceful and relaxed. I visit the Shala every afternoon as it is open for all of us until 5pm to just sit or meditate what every you want to do.  I hope some of you will be lucky enough to come here at some point.

Sending some Indian sunshine to you all


Happy New Year for 2020 and more info

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New year. As most of you know I will be away in India from tomorrow and I leave you in the Capable hands of Natalie and Hanna for January.

There are still a couple of spaces on the Friday morning class if you want to join us. With Regard to Monday night I have asked the studetns who have a place to let me know if they are unable to attend. So message me the day before to see if a space has become available.

Happy Christmas to all students old and new

I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful 2020.  Thank you for all the wonderful work you have  done  on the mat this year and long may you continue to give yourself the gift of a regular Ashtanga Yoga  practice.

Thank you to Natalie Coleman for all her teaching too, + Vanessa and Hannah for covering in the summer.

I will be back teaching in March but there are still a couple of spaces available on the Friday morning class in January with Natalie.

Class booking problem

Hi All  if you are having a problem booking into a class please contact  me directly. I was late putting up the classes for the next couple of weeks so some of you are having trouble booking in. If you ever have a problem  its always best to get in touch.


Xmas Course 27 – 31st of December 10 – 12pm

I still have a couple of spaces left on the Christmas course if you want to book a place.   It is now also possible to book the odd day if you can’t come to all.  Come and work off some of the Christmas excess.


£50 for the 5 days

£15  per class

No Mysore Class Friday 29th November

So sorry everyone but the Scouts need the room next Friday morning so there will be no Mysore class I am afraid.

See you all later that night  at the Christmas meal

Five day Mysore Christmas Course

Why not come and practice between Christmas and New year for 5 mornings to work off all the Christmas excesses.

Friday the 27th to Tuesday 31st of December.

10 – 12pm

£50 for the 5 days or £15 per day if there are spaces available