Having a very special practice in Morjim Goa with Sharmila Desai

I thought I would give you a little update on my first month in Goa India. Every day has been an absolute joy to practice in the Shala with Sharmila Desai. This is a very spiritual place and it really is the place to deepen your practice mentally as well as physically.

I have found joy in my practice every single day but this is something I think you learn when you don’t have everyday pressures you have at home. This is not a workshop but some how its much much deeper. Sharmila has an amazing presence and knows exactly what every one of around 100 students are doing at any one time.  We don’t all practice together but start at different times. There are at least 50 in the Shala though and she does not have assistants. The special thing is each and every day you get what you need and learn not to expect adjustments but some how you still get them. I feel so luck to have come here and have already book my return for next year.

This is now my last week, I feel so peaceful and relaxed. I visit the Shala every afternoon as it is open for all of us until 5pm to just sit or meditate what every you want to do.  I hope some of you will be lucky enough to come here at some point.

Sending some Indian sunshine to you all